With Ameriastream service, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world, entering a mobile phone number registered in the countries from the list in the “transferor’s mobile phone number” field.

With a single transaction, you can transfer from AMD 1,000 to AMD 200,000. The recipient can cash out up to AMD 200,000 within 24 hours.

A service fee of 2% of the amount transferred will be charged from the transferor.

When making a transfer, the amount should be stated in AMD, but the transfer will be made from a card account in any currency specified by you. In the event of using a card in another currency, other charges might be applied by the issuing bank and/or depending on the exchange rates and resulting form currency exchange, in accordance with the applicable rules of international payment systems MasterCard WorldWide and VISA INTERNATIONAL and/or payment system ArCA (Armenian Card), and the client cannot make any claim to the executor in connection with such charges.

The transfer password is valid for 48 hours.

If the amount is not received within 48 hours after the transfer, the funds will be returned to the transferor’s card account within 1-6 banking days, depending on the card type and the issuing bank.

You can see the list of ATMs with Ameriastream service availability here.