• Ameriastream

    The fastest money transfer

    With Ameriastream, you can transfer money from anywhere in the world using your phone. Your dear ones will be able to withdraw the transferred funds from an Ameriabank ATM in Armenia simply entering the eight-digit password/unique code.

  • Ameriastream: simple, convenient, fast



    Enter your phone number and that of the recipient, as well as the amount you need to transfer.

    Receiving the password for the transfer

    Communicate the eight-digit password received from the system to the recipient in the secure manner of your choice.

    Receiving cash


    The money can be received immediately after the transfer by entering the password in Ameriabank ATM*.

  • You can see the list of ATMs with Ameriastream service availability here.


    * To get cash from an ATM, the recipient needs to enter the amount, the recipient’s phone number, and the password received. Then, the recipient will get a one-time code on his/her phone, which needs to be entered on the ATM as well.

  • FAQ

  • Ameriastream. : simple, convenient, fast

    Making the transfer

    To make a transfer using Ameriastream, the following data should be entered:


    • the recipient’s and transferor’s mobile phone numbers
    • the amount in AMD
    • details of the payment card
    • 3Dsecure OTP received via SMS

    Receiving the transferred funds via ATM

    To receive the transferred amount, the recipient needs to approach an ATM* of Ameriabank within 48 hours after the transfer, select “Cardless transactions”, then select Ameriastream and enter the following details:


    • the amount transferred
    • the recipient’s mobile phone number
    • the 8-digit password received from the transfer or
    • the 4-digit OTP sent to the mobile phone number

    If the data entered are correct, you will get the transferred amount in full.

    Partial withdrawal of the transferred amount is not possible, therefore, if the full amount is not entered, the encashment transaction will be rejected.

  • * The service is currently available for a limited number of ATM's. Please see the list here.

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